A Disness Q&A

Steph and Kim answer questions that were sent by Disness Time listeners! 

Kill, Marry, Sleep With: Captain Hook, Gaston, Jafar (3:00)
What are your top 5 favourite villains? (8:13)
Which Disney character would you choose to be trapped on a desert island with? (10:25)
Who would you cast as Ariel, Ursula, Eric, and Flounder in a live-action The Little Mermaid movie? (14:40)
If you were embarking on your own hero quest, which sidekick would you choose to join you? (19:50)
What female character would you choose as a role model for your daughter? Which character would be the antithesis for your daughter? (21:50)
If you had to marry any Disney character, who would you choose and why? (30:48)
Is "Shallows" from A Star is Born the same song as "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan? (35:32)
What Disney character does your partner remind you of? (38:31)
Are wedding hashtags a good idea? (42:19)

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