Do classic Disney themes like "love at first sight" and "true love's first kiss" really translate to a lifetime of happiness? This week Steph and Cass speculate on which Disney relationships would ACTUALLY last in the real world after the movie ends. 

Episode topics:

Snow White and Prince Florian (4:45)

Cinderella and Prince Charming (7:30)

Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip (10:16)

Ariel and Eric (12:59)

Beauty and the Beast (15:57)

Jasmine and Aladdin (19:18)

Pocahontas and John Smith (21:27)

Hercules and Megara (24:08)

Mulan and Li Shang (26:59)

Tarzan and Jane (29:25)

Tiana and Naveen (33:14)

Rapunzel and Eugene (34:30)

Anna and Kristoff (36:11)

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