Frozen II On Trial

We heard the siren's song and followed it into the unknown to give Frozen 2 the trial it deserves! Jurors Steph, Kim, and Marina dissect all aspects of the highly anticipated sequel - character development, animation, soundtrack, script, and more! - to determine the best verdict for a movie that makes some melt and leaves others in the cold. 

Episode topics:

Synopsis + Initial thoughts (3:15)

Frozen 1 vs Frozen 2 (11:45)

A complicated plot (16:10)

Themes: Transformation, mental health, love yourself (23:54)

Ana: depression, abandonment, and coming out on top (26:07)

Plot holes and confusion: the Northuldra people, the king and queen, and backstory (34:24)

Elsa: destiny, a pony, and a spiritual awakening (39:50)

Honeymaren was not Elsa's girlfriend :( (57:50)

The soundtrack of our dreams (102:13)

Animation: A visual knockout! (117:24)

Final Verdicts (123:59)

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