Hocus Pocus On Trial

It's Halloween! Time to watch 1993's Hocus Pocus to determine if it's innocent of being a delightful, nostalgia-filled Halloween romp or guilty of being a silly C-level kids film. Steph, Kim and newcomer Dana dissect the evidence presented — plot, characters, music, etc. — to determine the right verdict for every Millennial's favourite basic bitch autumn viewing.

Episode topics:

A plot summary...kind of (4:30)

Hocus Pocus Facts Machine (12:36)

First impressions (21:09)

The Sanderson Sisters (27:15)

A case for Billy Butcherson (33:56)

The musical scene put a spell on us (38:00)

Thora Birch: Child Prodigy (39:47)

Jay and Silent Ice (40:44)

What's the moral underline? Virginity? brotherly-love? (46:59)

Bloated plot (52:40)

Max the angsty teen (55:45)

This movie is for the basic bitch in all of us (1:00:25)

Did Hocus Pocus scare you? (1:02:15)

The last act (1:06:30)

Final verdicts (1:11:11)


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