Having a hard time choosing which Disney Princess wedding dress you love the most or animated wedding you'd most want to attend? No worries, two self-proclaimed wedding experts have figured it out for you! For this Valentines Day 2020 episode, Steph and Kim break down the weddings that have occurred in Disney movies and discuss the wedding industry, destination weddings, and Kim's upcoming nuptials! PLUS: A Disness Time fan shared their very special real life Disney wedding with us and it's AMAZING! Tune in now!

Episode Topics:

We are wedding experts (0:06)
Cinderelly Cinderelly (10:28)
Robin Hood (15:30)
101 Elopements (17:35)
Two Mermaid Weddings on a boat (18:38)
Gaston's Surprise Wedding (24:52)
Aladdin and Jasmin three movies in the making (27:40)
Fantastic Enchanted Dress (31:03)
Princess and the Frog (33:12)
Tangled Forever (38:30)
Ellie and Carl from Up (42:33)
Jamie's Big Fat Disney Wedding! (46:10)

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