Once More, With Feeling

You notice how some Disney songs are repeated later on but in a more epic/dramatic way? Those songs are called reprises, and they all "slap", as the kids would say. How many Disney reprises can you remember off the top of your head? We take a stab at highlighting them all and list our favourites, so tune in to find out! 

Episode Topics:

What is a reprise? (2:15)

Gaston (7:22)

Mother Knows Best (17:10)

When Will My Life Begin (25:45)

One Jump (29:00)

Part of Your World (31:12)

Belle (33:15)

How Far I'll Go (35:23)

We Know the Way (37:01)

Belles of Notre Dame (38:48)

Prince Ali (40:47)

Savages (42:14)

Two Worlds (43:40)

For the First Time in Forever (46:18)

Vuelie (49:00)


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