Soundtrack To My Life

Movie Soundtracks and Scores are key parts of the movie experience. The amazing music showcased in Disney movies helps to evoke an emotional response from the audience when even the most brilliant bit of dialogue cannot. Tune in to hear our choices for favourite Disney movie soundtracks and scores!!

Episode topics include:

What makes a movie soundtrack and score? (0:01)

The beauty of Beauty and the Beast (4:33)

Bless my soul, Hercules is on a role (20:10)

Phil Collins songs featuring a Tarzan movie (28:12)

Score one for the Lion King (30:25)

A hot second on Mulan (32:59)

Music saved the Pocahontas film (34:18)

Mermaid, Jungle Book, and Oliver and Company get a shoutout (36:35)

Pirates of the Caribbean's score was a bop (38:18)

Hot Take: Tangled has good music! (40:56)

Frozen is overrated (44:56)

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