If the Disney Princesses were Hogwarts students, which house would the Sorting Hat put them? Harry Potter fans rejoice, for we have put together the mashup of your dreams. Tune in to see where we think each Disney Princess would have been sorted - some of our decisions may surprise you! 

Episode topics:

Hogwarts: A History (4:45)

Let the Sorting Ceremony begin! (15:40)

Snoozy Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty (15:54)

Where to put Ariel? (21:50)

Booksmart Belle (23:10)

Spirited Pocahontas (24:46)

Determined Mulan (26:13)

Hardworking Tiana (28:10)

Adventurous Rapunzel (28:55)

Frozen's ladies (29:34)

Well-rounded Moana (31:51)

Honourable mentions (33:22)

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