The Summer of Lion King

The first episode of Season 4 reviews the new "live-action" Lion King and the Lion King Broadway, both of which were watched over the summer of 2019. Did the 2019 version do the original justice or should they have left well enough alone? Tune in to hear our verdict! 

Topics covered:
Babies in movie theaters (5:38)
Initial thoughts on new adaptation (8:34)
We don't need those songs, sorry (15:40)
Expanded female characters: Shenzi, Sarabi, Nala (22:20)
Voice actors (32:12) 
Where's cloudy Mufasa? (42:37)
Can you feel the love during the day? (46:00)
Scar heteronormatized (50:20)
Ranking all the Lion Kings (53:00)

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